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Central Division Education Staff
Professional Ski Instructors Of America
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PSIA National Academy
Val d' Isere France!
April 23-30, 1998
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Victor Gerdin our group leaderThe Group!
 Our first technical discussion, "be careful off-piste in this fog"! & "The Group"

Grande MotteOur local guide
Picture from the Gondola Platform to Grande Motte, and one of Me, Our "Off Piste" Guide-Herve, Jim & John
The FunivalGoing away party
This is me waiting at the Funival, and "The going away mountain top dinner."

Going away partyThe Funicular
The other end of the table and "The Funicular Entry" (Left side of complex) located just above Tignes.

The following pictures are from a single use panoramic camera.  (The actual prints look much better!)
Headed Out Of Bounds!  Here is the sign warning us about going out of bounds!

Avalanche area.  We skied over slide debris!
This is where we just skied!  You can see a few of the slides from the day before!

Trail leading back from Out of Bounds Area!
This is looking back toward the area we skied "way off-piste"!  We came through that valley and skied the trial that goes out the bottom right of the picture to the base of this lift.

Top of the hike!
This is what's left of the group after knowing we were going to hike!  We are at the top resting, before jumping in!

The Hike
If you look on the full size image you can barely make out the lift we hiked up from.  (About exact middle of picture)

Our Avalance!
This is at the top where we are resting.  Victor, John, Paul and Tom were ahead of me as we hiked.  If you look at the right side of this picture you can see what is about a 6 foot hunk of snow.  It used to extend about 20 feet back to the left, right along the rock ledge that is in the bottom of the picture.  John was standing on this rock, when Tom reached the top and just touched his ski poles on the snow and caused it to break loose!  About 5 feet out and 20 feet wide just dropped straight down!  John looked over the edge to watch, but it was so vertical that he never saw it land at the bottom.  We estimate it was about 350-400 feet straight down before sloping out toward the valley below. I was about 20 yards from the top when I heard it rumbling, it took a split second, but I realized it was going down the other side.  I was afraid to look up to see if anyone was missing.  But luckily everyone was still there, albeit a touch nervous.

Just a bit scary!!!

View from our hotel balcony
This is the view from our hotel balcony.  The trail that we skied from the out of bounds area mentioned just above, is in the valley to the right of the farthest mountain in the background.

View down the valley
Here is a view back down the valley.  In the distance you can see the dam.  Our going away party was in the building in the very center of the picture.

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